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Мой Чёрный Отчим...

Мой Чёрный Отчим Наказал Меня, Теперь Моя Киска Болит!

Продолжительность: 01:59:32
Язык: Английский

When Brit got caught lying about her grades, Sean spanked her and said "The only lying you are gonna get away with in my house is flat on yo' back!" Bunny's step dad Jovan was outraged when he saw the slutty outfit she was wearing at school, so he pounded her little pussy so hard that she couldn’t walk right for a week to teach her a lesson! When Chase distracted her step daddy during the big game, he spanked her booty and slammed her pussy with his big black cock! Big balla status! Alison's mom grounded her for being a slut, so when her new step daddy caught her rubbing one out, he stretched her out with his huge black dick until she promised to be good!
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