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Private Gold 14: Sweet Lady

Private Gold 14: Sweet Lady

Год производства: 1996 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Feature
Продолжительность: 02:07:13
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Pierre Woodman
В ролях: Никки Andersson, Мария Беллуччи , Angelica Marai, Julia Benvenuti, Edwige, Kristina, Judith Penn, Datse, Tunde, Ana, Frank Versace, Richard Langin, J.Y. Lecastel, Alain Deloin, Andrew Youngman, Elone Disere, Frank Gun
Студия: Private

Перевод: РУССКИЙ

Описание: Estelle Kravinsky (Nicky Anderson) is a young, famous and very rich heiress. Serge, a simple woodcutter who rescues her after being pursued by a group of agressive bikers. Serge falls for Estelles beauty and excellent blow job techniques and gets swept off his feet by her. But Estelles father doesnt want her to have a boyfriend and will stop at nothing to make sure she stays single so she wont leave him home alone. Then we are taken to a seedy nightclub where we meet Billy. Hes a masked coke dealer, who has Estelle secretly hooked on the drug and he demands sex from her until he will supply her with the drug that she needs. Everything gets very intense in the nightclub and it developes into a full on orgy. Meanwhile, Serge meets Estelles father who tells Serge he never wants to see him with his daughter again. Serge gets to the bottom of this when he finds that Estelle has been beaten up by her father, who is a very violent man. He is so angry that he kills him, but unfortunately the police find out and arrest him. Now Estelle is alone, but gets a visit from her drug dealer whose identity is finally revealed along with a twist at the end of this sexual thriller. Directed by Pierre Woodman this movie contains 9 penetrative sex scenes interwoven into its plot.

Фильм скажет нам о ни за какие благополучия не легкой жизне безрассудно сексуальной зеленый девицы , нежданно получившей большущее наследие. Ее принемаются догонять.. Но, в ее судьбы возникает ОН. Защитник. И его зовут Френк...
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